• #18 2021 Detain
    A retired air force reservist Knew that flex cuffs would need to be purchased To restrain legislators And all the trump haters, He’s released and the FBI’s nervous.More
  • Twenty five hours a life #15
    to get to this doc six and a quarter minutes every single dayMore
  • 20210110 baby monster
    the kind of monster you want is a baby monster that way you can make sure it knows how to do things like not bite you before he grows up to be a big monsterMore
  • Paridae 2021 #12
    Tiny mob bosses, Chickadees, share the solstice, So forthright and round. Inspiration Sometimes there are poems just floating around. I shared the words for this one from a patreon post by Laura Packer. I remixed them and had a lovely time switching around her words and thinking about the chickadees.More
  • You’re fired 2021 #13
    My vote counts less than people who live out of town,but Biden still won.More
  • active shooter 2021 #11
    Coyote claws click on slick capitol marble. lychan gone, girl dies.More
  • Kitchen table birding2021 #7
    The birds clock chimes 12.“Yellow bellied cock sucker!”“Sapsucker, grandma.”More
  • Rope 2021 #6
    It’s evidence, butI bought it for himHe’s at the endMore
  • 2021 #5 Morning after maid of dishonor
    sneered. Elevator smeared dropped pink buttercream in my hotel carpet. -Gail MeniusMore
  • No Reset Button 2021 #4
    My best friend can’t sleepthrough screams of children long deadthat he couldn’t help.More