• Dear Nibbling
    You cried so hard today your entire body turned red.But it wasn’t so very loud. I’ve never seen your dad look so scared.It’s not often that I’ve seen him even frown. Your mom has an oxygen mask,but I don’t know for how long.Honestly, I’m scared to askin case it’s rude or just wrong. Usually babies…More
  • #18 2021 Detain
    A retired air force reservist Knew that flex cuffs would need to be purchased To restrain legislators And all the trump haters, He’s released and the FBI’s nervous.More
  • Twenty five hours a life #15
    to get to this doc six and a quarter minutes every single dayMore
  • 20210110 baby monster
    the kind of monster you want is a baby monster that way you can make sure it knows how to do things like not bite you before he grows up to be a big monsterMore
  • Paridae 2021 #12
    Tiny mob bosses, Chickadees, share the solstice, So forthright and round. Inspiration Sometimes there are poems just floating around. I shared the words for this one from a patreon post by Laura Packer. I remixed them and had a lovely time switching around her words and thinking about the chickadees.More
  • You’re fired 2021 #13
    My vote counts less than people who live out of town,but Biden still won.More
  • active shooter 2021 #11
    Coyote claws click on slick capitol marble. lychan gone, girl dies.More
  • Kitchen table birding2021 #7
    The birds clock chimes 12.“Yellow bellied cock sucker!”“Sapsucker, grandma.”More
  • Rope 2021 #6
    It’s evidence, butI bought it for himHe’s at the endMore
  • 2021 #5 Morning after maid of dishonor
    sneered. Elevator smeared dropped pink buttercream in my hotel carpet. -Gail MeniusMore