Average Bird is the Word Sprints


Sometimes it will just be the moderator, and sometimes it will be 5 or more people. We are fiction and nonfiction writers. Some write Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns, some write blogs, and others are writing novels. Sometimes it’s just the moderator. Bring a friend.


Write until you’ve got 2 thousand words if you want a challenge. If not… just come with your own project.


Sessions will be held on Sunday at 6AM Pacific, 8AM Central, and 9AM Eastern. We will start writing at 8:10.


Click here to join the meeting on 8×8. (You don’t need to download or join anything app.)


If you write two thousand words in four rounds of writing, you’ll have 8,000 words total. That’s what, 15 percent, of a novel?


There are three writing sessions which are 30 minutes long with 5 minute breaks.

We turn off our cameras and mics while we’re writing.

Keep up with your wordcount on your own word processor, or if you would like to use a tool to see our progress, use this link for WORDSPRINTS.ORG.

Click here to see the agenda. Join up to ten minutes early to chat or to try out the interface,