Connect Zoom H4N to a Linux setup

If you’re using an Zoom H4N as an audio interface with a linux box, it’s important to follow a procedure that works. And, for all that is holy, test the system the day before and the morning before a meeting or an engagement.


  1. Disconnect mini usb from the zoom


  1. Restart the computer
  2. Log in

[H4N] Prepare the H4N

  1. adapter > power outlet
  2. Shure mic in M1 slot
    – Microphone (Shure SM58)
    – 3-Pin XLR cable
    3-Pin XLR Line 1

[H4N] Connect and set frequency

  1. [H4N] mini usb> [Computer] USB
  2. undefinedfrequency 4800 (cell or tablet) 4400 computer

[Computer] Configure audio settings

  1. In audio settings,select the H4N with digital audio output
  2. Open firefox

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