Dear Nibbling

You cried so hard today your entire body turned red.But it wasn’t so very loud. I’ve never seen your dad look so scared.It’s not often that I’ve seen him even frown. Your mom has an oxygen mask,but I don’t know for how long.Honestly, I’m scared to askin case it’s rude or just wrong. Usually babies…More

You should know

French Revolution (Skip to the Temple, these are just notes for me) There were three classes of people in France before the revolution; those who fight, those who pray, and those who work. The economic system was such that the top two percent were those who fight (nobles) and those who pray (clergy), with the…More

Free Virtual Writing Events: Week 46

Monday, November 15 Woodneath Writers: Woodneath Press Author Panel 6:30pm – 7:30pm Central Join us to hear from Woodneath Press published authors about their experience with the library-as-publisher process.EVENT DETAILSREGISTER NOW Tuesday, November 16 NaNoWriMo Write-In (ZOOM) 6:30pm – 7:30pm Central National Novel Writing Month is here! Spend a focused hour working on your novel…More


“This question—often known as the major dramatic question—is generally a straightforward yes/ no question, one that can be answered by the end of the story. Will Brian find a job? Will Jamie and Ana move to separate apartments? Will Shira finally stop ignoring her inner child?” — Gotham Writers’ Workshop: Writing Fiction: The Practical Guide…More

What Makes a Password Strong?

Prior Knowledge Students have some experience with logging into authenticated accounts (like websites) Materials Computers with Internet Access and the ability to get to the following sites: Teach Who Cares? You don’t want anybody logging into your accounts but you. If someone logged into your Instagram account, they could post things and pretend to…More

Markdown Basics

Need to put some fancy stuff in your or your gmail? Markdown is the tool. Here are some shortcuts I use all the time. Emphasis Headings # Heading one is made by starting a line with a hash and a space.## Heading two is made by starting a line with a hash and a…More

Connect Zoom H4N to a Linux setup

If you’re using an Zoom H4N as an audio interface with a linux box, it’s important to follow a procedure that works. And, for all that is holy, test the system the day before and the morning before a meeting or an engagement. [H4N] Disconnect mini usb from the zoom [Computer] Restart the computer Log…More

Dutch babies

Dutch babies are like pancakes, but easier. You can put all kinds of things on them. This time, it’s raspberries.More