Wait a Monday Minute: Can Spiders Breathe?

Today, we went to the swamp to take pictures. We got a few.

Spider choice

I saw a spider. Then, all of a sudden, I wondered if spiders could breathe. I mean, there are spiders all over the wetlands where my partner and I were stomping around, but I never see any spiders swimming. If I see a spider in the water, that was not a spider choice, right?

Spiders have lungs

I asked google. She told me that they, in fact have lungs.

Click me to read the article on spiders


Then she also told me that they’re not insects because, get this: they have fewer body parts than insect. They don’t have a separate head and body, they have one out together, called a cephalothorax.

Chest + head = cephalothorax

So if someone has a really thick neck and their head is a part of their chest cavity (their thorax) you could insult them by saying they have a cephalothorax. Here’s how I know I’m not the funny one.

The voice…

My partner then says with a heavy lisp, “Nice cephalothorax, nerd. You’re not joining our D&D game.”

See you next Monday. Till, then, keep birding.

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