Markdown Basics

Need to put some fancy stuff in your or your gmail? Markdown is the tool. Here are some shortcuts I use all the time. Emphasis Headings # Heading one is made by starting a line with a hash and a space.## Heading two is made by starting a line with a hash and a…More

This week in writing

Monday 2021-10-11 Writing Basics (ZOOM)^1 review the basics register and you’ll get resources emailed to you. [[2021-10-11|Monday]] 4:30 Pacific 7:30 Eastern and for our friends at the midcontinent library, it’s 630 central. And Chris, if you’re listening in Colorado, it’s at 530 Mountain. Tuesday 2021-10-12 Feminist Theatre Past and Present ^2 Artists and scholars talk…More

Home is where the trust is

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are expensive. One would think that Medicare would pay for nursing home care if the person (who has paid into the system for their entire life) cannot take care of themselves. But it doesn’t. Medicaid does, however, but it only pays… 40? percent. There are three stages to receiving…More


First… make your pancake mix. 10 oz (or 2c) flour For the love that is all holy, please sift your flour. 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp kosher salt 1 tbs sugar Then follow this recipe… But… um… keep in mind that I forgot the vanilla and I don’t know when…More