The 2020 Tell It Slant Poetry Festival: Remote Event

If you have a lady friend to memorialize, this is a really nice place to make a donation in her name. Take some time to heal with a spiritual (happen-chance Christian) lady who passed on, but her spirit still fills our cup today.

There will be a marathon of Ms. Dickenson and BIG headliners who I’ve embedded some video samples for you to preview at the bottom of the article to see if they suit your fancy.


This remote festival will take place September 14-20, 2020. Skip to the schedule if you know you want to go already and just want to pick your classes. Think of the festival like a buffet. You don’t have to go to all of it, especially since you’ll be at home.

Read about it in detail.

Here is the whole 2020 Tell It Slant Poetry Festival website.

Only have time for one event?

The big names look like they will all be at one event called Festival Headliners Ada Limón and Jericho Brown with Music by Kimaya Diggs. which is on Sunday, September 19th at 7pm. Here are their bios so you can be blown away by their credentials and have no excuse not to go.

Jericho Brown

Holy cow, a poetry masterclass with this Jericho Brown on September 19th 1-2:30. He has so many letters behind his name from so many big named schools. Also, he’s going to teach you, for free (unless you make a donation.. then it’s still free… but you’re donating). And just listen to his voice.

Register for the Poetry Masterclass with Jericho Brown on September 19th, 1pm eastern, 12pm central. Sunday brunch with friends, ya’ll?

Ada Limon

Kimaya Diggs

She tugs on my heartstrings because she’s a storyteller. Anybody who knows me knows I love a good folk story. I’d like to call her a folk singer, but her bio calls her a master of a genre-defying style??? IDK man, she sounds sweet and talented.

Franny Choi

Queer, Korean-American poet who explores contemporary issues will read after a poetry open mic Saturday, September 18 8-8:45 pm. Register to listen in. Reading spots are full, but you can still listen!!!

Remember, these are just a sample of all the events. Tell me what you think! email me if you’re going. Maybe we can have a listening brunch and gossip over mimosas about how nerdy the open mic readers are.

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    Wonderful and intriguing! Thank you.

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