Weekday Word Sprints

Sometimes co-working sessions are just what a writer needs to sit at the computer and start.

5 W’s


This is a co-working session. Word sprints are sections of time dedicated to writing. Writing sprints build writing stamina. Sit down and write for 30 minutes at a time. Dedicate that time to yourself and your craft.


There are anywhere between two and five people at any given weekday. (Mostly 2).


Thursday mornings at 9:30 central.


The platform is 8×8. This is an online forum. You do NOT have to download the service to use it on your computer. If you use your phone, you may download the app OR you can open the meeting on the web.


To be honest, most people do better with a little accountability


Word sprints are timed by the moderator using a podomoro application. The sprints are 30 minutes long. There will be two sprints with a 5 minute break in between.

Do I have to turn on my camera?

There are no requirements for turning on your camera or microphone.

Do I have to turn on my microphone and speak?

There is a chat function to utilize if you don’t feel comfortable talking. 

How am I supposed to write if people are talking?

We turn off our microphones during writing time in order to reduce distraction for all writers.

Do I have to take a break at 30 minutes?

If you’re on a roll, you can always mute us and write through the break!

Let’s write something togetherish.