Unit: Culturally Relevant Podcasting (in progress) Lesson 1

This is my progress on my podcasting unit. I’m trying to put together some videos for some storytellers in the area to start their own podcasts. I have to redo the video, but I thought I’d make my first proof of concept. The next version will be using the podcasting presentation which is downloadable below.…More

In her own hand

Emily Dickinson The unpublished manuscripts of those who have passed is protected 75 years upon their death. So, there is a wonderful collection of beautiful pieces of original writing from the hand of Emily Dickinson herself to download, print and frame, whatever you wanna do! These scans are from her own hand You can see…More

Wait a Monday Minute: Can Spiders Breathe?

Today, we went to the swamp to take pictures. We got a few. Spider choice I saw a spider. Then, all of a sudden, I wondered if spiders could breathe. I mean, there are spiders all over the wetlands where my partner and I were stomping around, but I never see any spiders swimming. If…More

The 2020 Tell It Slant Poetry Festival: Remote Event

If you have a lady friend to memorialize, this is a really nice place to make a donation in her name. Take some time to heal with a spiritual (happen-chance Christian) lady who passed on, but her spirit still fills our cup today. There will be a marathon of Ms. Dickenson and BIG headliners who…More