6:30 PM Leawood Creative Writing Meetup

This virtual meetup will give space for getting to know other authors in your area, we will have a schedule with free writing time, we’ll work through the book Writing Fiction (Gothan Writers’ Workshop) and share out what samples of our writing if we want to share with the group what you’re writing.More

8 PM 8K Weekend

Write eight thousand words by meeting at the eights (8 AM and 8 PM Central Saturday and Sunday). Meet four times, writing two thousand words each. Come for 6 Weekends and you have yourself a novel-length bit of writing to work with. You do the math.More

Religious Freedom

Many people are proud that the United States has, from the very beginning, valued religious freedom. This freedom includes choosing your God, your church, and your own personal level of devotion, free from consequences of these specific religious choices. People have actually been jailed for religious offenses. The history of Indigenous political activism and resistance…More