20210110 baby monster

the kind of monster you want is a baby monster that way you can make sure it knows how to do things like not bite you before he grows up to be a big monsterMore

For the week of Monday, 01/11/2021

You can write in the morning or at night. All events are free except for one small, 12 dollar fee for the yearly, fund-raising chicken festival. If you’re looking for a cozy experience, check out “Starting a writing project.” The presenter is personable and the content is doable.More

Do you 2021 #13

remember growingbeans in a cup in grade schoolon the windowsill? Photography – thierry ehrmanMore

Paridae 2021 #12

Tiny mob bosses, Chickadees, share the solstice, So forthright and round. Inspiration Sometimes there are poems just floating around. I shared the words for this one from a patreon post by Laura Packer. I remixed them and had a lovely time switching around her words and thinking about the chickadees.More

Capitol Concerns? Things are getting better.

Though our capitol was breeched, things are in fact getting better. Do not be confused. Today’s reaction from these terrorists was a knee-jerk reaction to people of color having a vote, having a voice, and having a right to live without fear. Today is a celebration. I will give you one example. Deb Haaland and…More